Though I love wrapping myself with long thick scarves, having to daily walk two big dogs (so my hands are full), makes wrapped scarves that slip off very annoying. So a cowl is perfect for me. It keeps me warm, and I don’t have to bother with it.

The beautiful sunset orange of the Milly yarn (2 skeins) I used to knit this, reminded me of the beautiful sunsets I watched from my Dad’s balcony in Wellington (NZ) when I visited him there. I had briefly lived in New Zealand as a child, but when I visited him there in NZ winter times, I had very much forgotten how cold it can get there!

The cowl is basically a one size fits all-type. However, I have included how you can make it bigger or narrower if you want.

The pattern, both in English and in Dutch, are completely written out, row by row. But there’s also an easy chart to follow, if you prefer charts.
For your convenience, I have made this pattern with a text and chart in black and white, like you would normally come across. But I’ve also added a colourcoded version, for those who would like a little help differentiating the different cables, because you’re relatively new to knitting cables, or your eyesight makes it a little difficult, or because it’s 2 AM, and for some reason you’re still knitting, but sleep depravity might end up with you accidently knitting the wrong cables. We’ve all been there at one point.

All you need is a circular needle that can fit 70 cm of stitches, and a cable needle, if you use one.


  • Pattern is available in English and in Dutch.
  • Pattern is readable both as written out, as in a chart.
  • Measures approx. 70 cm in circumference, and 35 cm in height.
  • I used 2 skeins of Milly yarn from Borgo De Pazzi 

Wellington Cowl - Knitting Pattern

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