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Updated Knitting Pattern: Barba Scarf!!!

Hi everyone,

I'm revisiting some of my older knitting patterns, and today I've posted the updated version of my Barba scarf. I've rewritten the outline of the instructions to make it a little more knitting friendly, and I've added helpful knitting charts with every step. Personally I don't mind if a pattern is completely written out, of if it's mostly charts. But when I took a survey among my IG followers a few months back, I was surprised at the results, and how varied they were! Some knitters want nothing but charts, others don't understand charts whatsoever and want everything written out. So this pattern should suit everyone. You can knit the entire thing with just the written instructions, but also with just the charts and a written line here and there.

And if you're wondering why I named the scarf Barba. Sometimes I name my knits after things or people I'm crushing on at the time of designing, and at the time I was binge watching Law & Order: SVU.

Happy knitting!

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