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(Not A) New Year, New Start

It's not New Year, but the way 2020 is going, it's feels like at least two more global disasters and what feels like a century will pass before it's time for New Year's Resolutions again. I'm revamping, restyling, re-'call it what you want', I'm changing the style of my website to a blog, is what I'm

trying to say.

My website was usually the last thing I thought of that needed updating, so it really did get a little forgotten. But having my own little creative business for a little while now, I've learned more about what I want, what I like and what I can't be bothered with. You grow, you learn.

My plans for this blog is to streamline all that I'm offering, from patterns for sale, workshops, and tutorials on my YouTube channel, and a random cute pic of one of my animals (two bunnies, Freud and Hermione and two dogs, Pavlov and Rory). Admittedly, Instagram is my favourite form of social media, but it's 'here and now' and doesn't allow for much explanation. So hopefully this blog will give you a little bit more of an overview.

This reformatting will too be a learn as you go sort of affair, but then again, isn't everything?

P.S.: Obviously, Pavlov doesn't need any restyling, he's flawless just the way he is.

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