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How To Straighten Circular Needles

Whether I'm knitting something in the round, or knitting something back and forth, I prefer to use circular needles. I hold my yarn continental style, so straight needles are often sticking out left and right, and hitting the side of my armchair, or the side of the bus, or the unfortunate soul who decided to sit next to me on the train, thinking a young lady who knits must be the safest choice to sit next to. Think again!

And because I usually take some knitting with me when I'm on the go, circular needles are a lot more compact than those 40 cm needles poking out the side of my handbag. And circular needles are a lot safer to accidentally sit on, but that's another story. But whether because ~someone~ sat on them, or because they got caught underneath some books in my handbag, circular needles, especially plastic ones, can get bent. And this can be annoying. Or it annoys me at least. So here's how you can easily straighten them. And safely, if you're careful.

Get a small cauldron, pot, or container and fill it with hot water. Not warm, because we want to soften up the cable between the needles. Not boiling, because we don't want to melt the plastic cable, now do we!

Place the plastic cable in the pot. Make sure the needles themselves don't go into the hot water. If they're made of wood, they can warp, and we also don't want whatever glue might be holding the cable to the needles to soften and let go.

Keep the cable in the water for a couple of minutes. You can pick it out now and then and with your best dragon hide skin gloves or oven mitts and gently manipulate it back into a straight cable.

Dry it off, and place it on a flat surface, keeping the cable straight by weighing the needles down with something heavy, like The Standard Book of Spells, Grade 1 and 2, or a box of UFO's.

You might need to repeat the soaking in hot water and gently straightening it a few times, depending on how many kinks are in it.

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