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How To Knit Honeycomb Cables

Honeycomb cables are amazing! Visually, they pack quite a punch! But in the way of knitting, they are a lot easier than you would think!

It's a classic in cable knit sweaters, but it's also a great way for knitters who are new to knitting cables to get used to them. Because you only need to know two kinds of cables: C4B and C4F. If you'd like a refresher on how to knit these, I have a YouTube tutorial you can watch here: https://bit.ly/C4B_C4F_Tutorial

Honeycomb cables are all about an 8 stitch, 8 row repeat.

You alternate knitting 3 rows in stockinette stitch with one of two cable rows. In both cable rows you simply alternate knitting C4B cables with C4F cables, but in one cable row you start with a C4B, and in the other you start with a C4F.

In case you got up to get a cup of tea, and when you came back you forgot at what cable row you where, simply check the cable immediately below the 4 stitches you're about to cable knit. If the cable below it is leaning towards the left, you need to knit a cable that leans towards the right, i.e. a C4B. And if the cable below is leaning towards the right, you need to knit left-leaning cable, i.e. a C4F.

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