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Black Friday for Small Businesses

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy.

Black Friday is a big discount extravaganza that started in the USA and that over the years has slowly spread all over the world.

It's something of a bittersweet thing. For those who are struggling to make ends meet, this might be one of the only days where you can afford to replace i.g. a broken laptop that your child needs for school. And everyone can understand that. And for businesses, from a practical viewpoint, I do understand that you prefer to get rid of your old inventory at a lover price rather than throwing itaway. However, it seems that Black Friday discounts have become a day of big profits for big businesses, but detrimental to small businesses. Especially in these difficult times when a lot of small stores have had to shut down because of the pandemic.

Small business can't afford to slash their prices to the same effect as bigger companies. This can make customers turn away because they're eager to pay as little as possible, and sometimes feel like the small business isn't making enough of an effort to match the big discounts big businesses offer. However, when smaller entrepreneurs don't offer big discounts or any discounts at all, it certainly isn't because of a lack of effort on their part. It's simply because they can't afford to.

I just hope that customers learn in time that what small businesses lack in large discounts, they make up for in service, passion, quality, and/or durability.

Both for the economy and for the environment, it would be beneficial for everyone to maybe buy a little less, but buy the maybe more expensive, but handcrafted, handmade, locally made, artisanal, however they describe it, products to treat themselves or their loved ones. Ten dollars, euros, ... mean more to a small business owner than to a large company. And more of it will go towards someone having a living wage and less towards some rich stock owner's yearly profits.

So for my own small business, because I do feel the pressure from society to offer something on Black Friday, I will be offering a 25% discount on all my knitting patterns until the end of the month (Brussels timezone).

My discount isn't as large and flashy as some read made clothing stores, but I hope you will see it as the effort I want make towards my customers. However, I can't offer any discount on the handknitted items because of the time, material, love and creativity that went into them.

If you're buying gifts for Thanksgiving or Christmas this year, I hope you'll consider buying items from a small business. It'll be a gift for them too.

Thank you

Happy Holidays

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