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A Sassy Skull Blanket For A Sassy Friend!

Around the end of 2019, which feels like eons ago, I wanted to knit a dear friend something for her birthday, which was coming up. Her birthday is in the winter months and she's also one of those people who are always cold. So I thought a blanket would be perfect! Only, her style is one of the Gothic-variety, and it's very difficult to envisage a gothic-like blanket, and unfortunately there aren’t that many goth-inspired blanket patterns around. I do wonder why? Do goths not feel the same cold we do? So, I decided to make my own. And when in doubt, slap a skull on it.

Unfortunately, Covid-19 really put a wrench in the timely handing over of her birthday present, and she ended up getting it at the heart of Summer. Oh well, guess she's really prepared for the next winter.

You can find the pattern on Ravelry and on Lovecrafts. Links will be put below.

Knitting under a full moon only is ill-advised. Nothing sinister, it’ll just take you way too long to finish it.

The pattern is completely written out in English, but there are additional knitting charts available for the skull specifically.

Level of difficulty: not for the faint of heart, there are quite a lot of different cables.

Ravelry: https://bit.ly/SassySkull_R

Lovecrafts: https://bit.ly/SassySkull_LC

The sassy friend on IG: @catacombkitten_

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